Sunday, November 2, 2008



As said in the panel on the right, we're two friends who do the occasional travel, be it for work or play and like many shopoholics (self-confessed or closet cases), will squeeze in an hour for shopping regardless of time constraints within each trip. Sure, we stock up on our Uniqlo, American Apparel or H&M when we get the chance since these brands aren't making their way to KL anytime soon but we also explore local stores and/ or markets for something a little different to add to our already bursting wardrobes.

About a year and a half on, we realised that perhaps some might not have the time nor dedication nor even energy to go shopping during a hectic travel week. So we figured, why not bring back a little extra in our already waaaay overweight suitcases? Yes, we're playing resellers but not only that, you can be sure we won't put up just about anything on this blog. There're definitely things we would wear ourselves - in fact, some of the items we wanted to put up have at the last minute been kidnapped and stored at our own closets so they'll never see the light of day here - and we can vouch for the quality. See, we're generally allergic to cheapie materials that fall apart after one cycle in the wash and we dislike wearing stuff that everyone else is sporting. Yeah, the 2nd part of that sentence probably didn't make much sense since we love the high street stuff too but we're contradictory that way.

Back to the goods... we hope they are as special to you as they appear to us. And here's hoping that you enjoy browsing through our blog every Monday (which is generally when there are updates) because what better way to start the week than to look at clothes, right? Except for when we run out of things to post - then I guess we'll just have to wait till one of us leaves the country again to stock up.


  1. i love the title of your blog and the mondays theme.. looking forward to reading and seeing more.

  2. Hey. Thanks for stopping by! We didn't think anyone would discover this blog yet as no formal announcements have been made. Hope to see you here again. :)